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✔ Establish a brand
customers love

✔ Refine your website so customers buy.

✔ Shine with content that customers follow.

✔ Sign more clients and sell more services.

You can’t afford to be unclear.

You need a brand that customers understand and buy from.

Do any of these scenarios ring true?

 You lack compelling words to describe what you do.
 Every sale is custom, and you recreate the wheel often.
 You’re a bit embarrassed by your website.
 Generating the right kind of leads, consistently is a challenge.

These signs need to be addressed to make your business all that it can be.

What you need is a marketing and sales plan from someone who knows coaching & consulting businesses.


The plan for your marketing & sales success.

Define your brand.

First, we establish a memorable brand using the frameworks of StoryBrand & brand archetypes.

Refine your website.

Then, we amplify your brand message with a clear website and funnel.

Shine with content.

Next, we strategically cast your brand’s content to convert lookers to loyal customers.

And sign more clients!

With a new, dialed-in marketing strategy and tools, you can sell more. Learn the framework of The Customer is the Hero powered by StoryBrand.

Welcome to your Bright Brand.

At Bright Brand, we craft your business’s brilliance into a brand customers understand, buy from, and love.

I’m Julie Stroud, founder and owner of Bright Brand. I am a brand strategist, an ICF-member Coach, and a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

My superpower is to bring out the best in a business. The Bright Brand team works with me to design your clear brand and implement your effective marketing strategy – so you can sell more.

We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in your unique qualities and what only you can offer your customers.

We believe in your bright brand.

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See how Bright Brand can make your business a stand-out brand.

Get a Clear Brand

When a brand makes sense, more people say, “I get it!” and, “I want it!”

Reach the Next Level

Achieving your full potential is possible when you have a strategy that works.

What Clients Are Saying

Susan - The EI Coach

“I wanted to expand my reach and distinguish myself in my metro area. It was time for marketing strategy. 

Working with Julie was smooth. She kept everything on track and her collaborative style was energizing.

Now, my email marketing is more effective with a 35% average open rate and click through rate of 5%. Changes to my website copy have positioned me as a local authority. And more than half of last year’s revenue came after my work with Julie!”

Dave - The Nimick Team

Reading Building A Story Brand opened my eyes to a better way to position a business, and I wanted that for my real estate business. 

Working with Julie was easy. She guided me through a complete rebranding process. Now I have messaging, a website, lead generator, email series, and a content marketing plan. 

There are so many real estate agents, and now the general public can see what sets my real estate business apart. I’m delighted with the results!”

AnGele & Brandon - Executive On the Go

“From day one, we felt that Julie understood us.  

She captured the language and translated the brand so people can understand who we are and what we do.  

After 18 years in business, 15K+ clients, over 10 iterations of our website, and 3 versions of our logo, we have a clear message with a website and funnel that will convert. We are thrilled!”

Increase revenue when you become the brand they can't live without.

Ready to win your customer's heart?

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