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What if growing a business didn’t have to be a long & painful process?


Having a hard time packaging & selling your expertise?

On your own, it can take months (or years!) to figure out the distinct problem you solve, for whom, and how to explain it so customers “get it.”

Stop tripping over your words, trying to explain what you do.
Stop feeling embarrassed over your website and feeling stuck creating content.

Get expert guidance, and reach your goals faster.

Because it’s time to reach more people and make a bigger impact.

Make giant strides in hours

You’re just one day away from the clarity you crave

Big breakthroughs happen in deep-dive days.

Collaborate with marketing experts who blend training, coaching, and strategy in power-packed VIP-style days.

In short bursts of time, we will turn your bright ideas into brand copy, design, websites, funnels, and content that your customers will respond to.

Perhaps best of all – you’ll get the clarity you crave. And you’ll be on your way to the next phase of business growth!


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What happens when you
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Bright Brand

Define a brand your customers understand.

Refine your website so customers

Align your content to serve your customers.

Shine! Feel fantastic about your business and be your customer’s clear choice.

From one business owner to another

Hi, there.
I’m Julie Stroud.

As an entrepreneur since 1997, I understand the utter frustration business owners feel trying to figure out their branding and marketing.

But when you own a business, time is precious. You can’t languish in uncertainty, and you can’t waste time DIY’ing everything yourself.

As a former learning & development professional turned marketer, I created a series of services combining training, coaching, and strategy to speed up your journey to a 7-figure business.

At Bright Brand, our deep dive days result in your personal and business transformation.

Intrigued? Relieved? Just plain ready to dive in? Book your free introductory 50-minute strategy call.

I’d love to meet you.

How to get started

Our proven process is grounded in Marketing Wisdom.

Our work begins with an exciting, clarifying intensive, our Brand Identity VIP Day. In this one-day deep-dive, we use the framework of brand archetyping and the 5 P’s of marketing to establish your clear brand.

To learn more about this kick-off engagement that provides knock-your-socks-off outcomes, click below.


What clients are saying

“I had been following StoryBrand, but getting my brand message on my own was tricky.

During a VIP Day with Julie, we established who my ideal customer was, my brand personality, and my brand message. Then, Julie and her team wrote all new copy for my website and funnel.

I am so excited about this copy– my vision, optimism, and joy come through!”

Tidy Tapper

“Working with Julie settled a lot of my marketing chaos.

Getting a StoryBranded message and understanding my brand archetype gave me a format for continuing to create content that resonates with my ideal customers.

My world got simpler with these strategies!”

Michael Bunch Real Estate

“From day one, we felt that Julie understood us.

She captured the language and translated the brand so people can understand who we are and what we do.

We’ve been in business for 18 years and have served over 15K+ clients. In that time, we’ve had 10 iterations of our website and 3 versions of our logo. Finally, we have a clear message with a website and funnel that will convert. We are thrilled!”

AnGele & Brandon
Executive on the Go

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