10 Tips to Grow your Email List Organically

There seems to be a little controversy about email marketing. 

Texting is popular for casual conversation, and so marketers have begun texting customers. Messenger, too, has become a widely used app.

But email marketing is still king!

You heard that right, email marketing isn’t dead! Far from it, in fact.

Most people check their emails daily to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers. In fact, 92% of adults who are online use email while only 79% have a social media profile (source).

Email marketing presents a huge opportunity to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with both prospects and customers.

Communicating regularly with your list will help you:

  • Stay top-of-mind
  • Establish your expertise
  • Create winning offers

The result? Higher conversion rates and more loyal, raving fans!

Email marketing is by far the most cost-effective marketing strategy. On average, email marketing has a 4200% ROI, meaning a $42 return on $1 spent (source). It’s no wonder why businesses across all industries rely on email marketing!

Of course, it will take some time to grow your list. Your first 100 people will typically come from your personal sphere of influence. To go a list to 1000 and beyond, it takes a planned effort. 

This article will help you grow your email list organically (no ad spend). No doubt your email list will become one of your greatest assets.

Fill Your List with Your Ideal Customers

What good is a list of people who are a mismatch for your offer?

Your list should be filled with people who want to hear from you…and are eager to learn more about your business. 

The good news is, there is an easy way to collect your ideal client’s email addresses and keep your list up-to-date.

Simply create a lead generator, post it on your website, and offer it in exchange for your website visitor’s email address.

When they download your lead generator, they’ve shown an interest in what you do. They’ve already pre-qualified themselves for your list!

But remember, your goal is not to create a long list. Instead, be selective! Focus only on gathering prospects who would be a great fit for your offer.

That way, your list will be more likely to interact with your emails…and ultimately make a purchase from you.

I recently advised someone to throw out a list that was about a decade old for a now-defunct business. Those folks would not be a candidate for a different business’s new offer.

Quality over quantity wins, all day long!

A lead generator is better than “sign up to get our newsletter.”

A newsletter is a bit last-decade. It’s also general in nature. 

A lead generator, on the other hand, gives the prospect a more active way to engage your brand. It helps them to start solving their problem. 

When the lead generator gives steps, or how-to’s or a checklist or asks thoughtful questions, your prospect can start feeling better. And – wow! – it was your brand that helped do that. This sets up the prospect and you for a great introductory call.

Email conversion: what the numbers mean for you.

There are a lot of components to the average email conversion rates. But on average, 5%-15% of people click through and buy from an email.

Let’s figure you regularly stay in touch with a very modest email list of 1,000 ideal customers. Most of the time, you share news and provide information and enlighten your customers. Now you’ve got a $2000 offer. Following good copywriting rules, you send a few emails about your offer. Here’s how this breaks down for you:

1000 people x 10% conversion rate x $2000 purchase price = $200,000

Do you think it’s worth it to build your email list and consistently email them? I can hear you all the way over here shouting, “yes!”

You’ve got to go after those email opt-ins!.

Recall a time you had a goal like saving a specific amount of money for a vacation or a large purchase. Or perhaps you were on a diet, keeping an eye on every pound you drop. You went after every dollar or every pound with determination. And you made it a bit of a game.

That’s the same approach you should take to organic email list-building. Go after every email address like it’s gold (that is, email addresses of your ideal customer-type).

Download your email list-building checklist here. It’s motivating and handy to have on your bulletin board!

Here are 10 Tips to Grow your Email List Organically:

1. Create an anchor link for the lead generator section on your homepage.  

An anchor link allows a user to leapfrog to a section of a web page. A lead generator anchor link looks like this:https://brightbrand.com/#optin

Effective marketing includes direct and simple steps for customers to follow. Using an anchor link to promote your lead generator will produce more opt-ins simply by making the lead generator more accessible.

2. Promote your lead generator in your email signature.

The easiest way to do this is by using an email signature generator like Hubspot. Be sure to choose a template with a CTA button. Drop your lead generator title as the CTA and add the anchor link.

Voila! Everyone who receives a personal email from you will see they can get your helpful lead generator.

3. When was the last time you asked if you could add someone to your email list?

As long as you have permission, you can log on to your email marketing software and add people yourself. If you have the name of someone who your business could help, why wait for them to remember to opt-in to your list? Ask if you can add them.

4. Add the email question in your new client onboarding.

Sometimes new clients get started working with you without ever having opted into your email list. Simply add the question, “Can we add you to our email list?” to your new client onboarding questionnaire or intake session.

5. Ask email subscribers to share your email with their friends and colleagues.

When you write a particularly helpful email with a few steps or tips, end the email with a simple CTA such as, “Did you find this helpful? Share it with a friend or a colleague! Help us grow our list by sharing!”

Make sure that email also includes a P.S. Have you received our handy (insert lead generator title)? It will show you how to (insert benefit and aspiration here). Get it here (insert hyperlink)!”

6. Review your copy on your professional listings.

If you’ve engaged in Bright Brand’s Message Guide Package, then you have the copy for your professional listing. Your one-liner and brandscript will give you what you need for your professional listings. 

Remember, your brandscript invites prospects to two CTA’s, the direct CTA (typically something like, “Book a Call”) and the transitional CTA (opting in for your lead generator). This will get prospects into your email list.

7. Promote your lead generator in social media posts.

Make sure that one of the CTA’s in your rotation is to get your lead generator (which adds people to your email list). Simply post on your social media channels the benefits of your lead generator and the small problem that it solves.

If you belong to online communities that allow you to promote your business, drop your post there. Don’t forget about Next Door Neighbor, Google My Business, as well as the obvious Facebook groups.

8. Give a keynote.

Your local Chamber of Commerce is always looking for speakers for their networking meetings. So, too, are the professional associations where you belong. Meetup Groups also need speakers for virtual or live events.

At Bright Brand, we help service providers establish the process they guide their clients through and find the things that differentiate their business. We typically write lead generators featuring their process as a solution. This leads into the ideal keynote talk.

When giving your keynote, you can simply advise the audience to text their email address for the notes then they can sit back and relax during your address. This gives you the opportunity to send everyone a thank you email and include the lead generator anchor link.

9. Be a podcast guest.

Peruse online directories and create a professional listing on services such as PodcastGuest.com.

If you have clarified your marketing message through our Message Guide Package, and you have your homepage funnel set up (website + lead generator + sales email series), you have what you need for an effective podcast interview. You’re already an expert in your area, so share what you know and use the marketing tools you’ve set up!

10. Be a guest blogger.

Guest blogging is great because it boosts your online presence. If your website is newer or you are getting fewer than 200 visits a day, rather than starting your own blog, start guest blogging on more highly-visited sites.

Hyperlinks within blog articles (as well as your byline) will lead readers to your site (this is known as backlinks).

To get started, look for sites and bloggers whose followership would benefit from your expertise. Look for their submission guidelines, often listed in the website footer. You may also have luck by sending a personal email to the administrator or business owner.

Have patience. This process may take a while, but the benefits are tremendous.

A funnel gets the list-building job done.

If you haven’t already picked up on it, a funnel is necessary for building your email list. A funnel consists of a lead generating asset with a follow up automated email series. 

At Bright Brand, we can help you create a lead generator that is not only beautiful, but is branded to your message, helps draw in prospects, and converts them to paying customers.

Not only that, the way we write lead generators highlights a business’s unique process. It winds up providing the material for a keynote presentation. Talk about bang for your buck. Book a project inquiry call today!

These tips will help you build your list and grow your business. Building your list will pay off!

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