The Anatomy of a Website: StoryBrand Website Messaging for Coaches and Consultants

Many businesses struggle to communicate clearly on their website. Often, they confuse their customers without even knowing it. And as a result, they lose out on the potential to make more sales.

The truth is, about 15% of customers purchase right away… while 50% of them purchase within the next six months. In other words, your customers do their research on you! If they don’t understand exactly how you can help them achieve success, you’ll lose them.

Your website is like a home base. It exists as a resource for customers to understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help them achieve the success they desire.

Plus, your website is where most of your sales actually occur. The steps for buying should be clear. Product and package descriptions should be irresistible and clear.

A successful website has 2 key ingredients: clear messaging and the right images.

At Bright Brand, we begin every website project with messaging. (The StoryBrand 7-Part Messaging Framework is the simplest and most effective strategy!) Then, once that message is established, we transfer it to web copy.

With a clear message, graphics that support that message, and a well laid-out site that moves customers to engage, your website will become a money-making machine.

Let’s dive into the strategic sections every clear, high-converting website has.

Is it “like at first glance”?

Does your website pass the “grunt test”?

Customers should be able to quickly answer the following questions as soon as they see the first section on your website:

  • What do you offer?
  • How will it make my life better?
  • What do I need to do to buy it?


You always want to include direct “call to action” buttons throughout every section of your website. When choosing the text to place on the button, consider the action you want your customers to take. (For example: schedule a call, request a consultation, etc.)

And don’t be fooled…the image you choose as the background for your entry point is just as important as your messaging!

Make sure to include an image of your ideal customer after they’ve received the transformation your business provides. This image will help reinforce the success your potential customer will receive (and feel!) after working with you!

PRO TIP: Repetition is key. Make sure to include images of your ideal customer as often as you can throughout your website!

The “Problem”

Now, let’s move on to the next section of your website.

This block is your chance to really hook your potential customer! 

StoryBrand teaches that customers make purchase decisions based on their need to solve a specific problem they’re facing.

The “problem” section of your website  is your chance to demonstrate that you understand how it feels to have that obstacle standing in the way of their success. And, elaborate on why you believe it is just plain wrong. 

You can do this with a bold, punchy headline followed by a short bulleted list that breaks down that problem even further.

But remember, never go for cute or clever. You want your website to be clear. Because clear messaging converts!

This section is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your empathy and really connect with your customer. So, use it wisely!

PRO TIP: In this section, include an image that depicts your ideal customer feeling frustrated or upset to really drive your point home.

The “Solution”

Why is your offer the perfect “solution” to your customer’s problem? This section of your website is where you get to swoop in with the answer your customers have been looking for. Paint the picture of what your customer’s life would look like if they purchase from you in your messaging. And, take the opportunity to expand a bit more on how your offer will help get them there! PRO TIP: Include an image in this section that demonstrates your ideal customer’s success!

The “Guide”

What qualifies you to lead your customers to success?

In this section, you get to communicate how you’ve helped past customers achieve their goal and really build up your expertise in your space.

But remember, you always want to keep the focus on your customer. After all, nobody likes to hear someone go on and on about themselves! (Psst, marketing is no different.)

So instead, use your past experience to show customers what’s in it for them. Specifically, talk about how you can leverage your past experience to help them achieve success!

PRO TIP: Feel free to add a professional (yet friendly!) headshot here. After all, marketing is H2H…human to human!

The “Plan”

Now, show your customers how easy it is to get started with you. 

And not only that…how easy they can achieve the transformation they’re seeking!

Here’s what I mean by that.

In the “plan” section of your website, you’ll want to lay out 3 simple steps that address the following:

Step 1: How to get started (ex: request a call)
Step 2: How your offer will bridge the gap between where your customer is now, and where they want to be (ex: get a clear brand)
Step 3: What the ultimate transformation looks like (ex: reach the next level)

Include a simple sentence underneath each step to elaborate on the transformation even more.

PRO TIP: The section doesn’t require any image. Instead, use simple, eye-catching icons for each step of your “plan” to help break up the text even more! ( is a great resource.)

Social Proof

Here’s the thing: your customers want to know you’ve helped people just like them achieve success, too.

So, include a few testimonials from your happiest customers in this section!

As a general rule of thumb, you always want to include the following alongside every testimonial on your website:

  • An image of your customer
  • Your customer’s full name
  • Your customer’s job title
  • Name of the business where they work

You can even use this “website anatomy” framework to craft winning testimonials that get potential customers to act fast, too!

Here’s how to do it.

As you’re wrapping up projects with your clients, make “request a testimonial” part of your process. Then, make sure to ask the following questions on your final call, or in a short survey:

  • How was your customer feeling before they worked with you?
  • What was it like to work with you?
  • What success did they achieve as a result of working with you?

Following this simple framework is a sure fire way to demonstrate the transformation your business provides…and as a result, you’ll land more of your ideal clients!

Lead Generator

Did you know your website can directly impact your email marketing?

It’s true! In fact, that’s one of the reasons why lead generators exist.

In short, a lead generator is a free download your customers can receive in exchange for their email address. It can be a guide, a checklist or something of that nature your customers would find valuable.

In addition to collecting emails to add to your list, your lead generator also helps establish expertise in your space. By providing a valuable document that relates directly to the problem you help customers solve, you build trust and show you have the expertise to provide the exact solution they seek!

Adding the lead generator, along with two separate fields web visitors can use to type in their name and email, is the perfect way to close out a clear, value-driven website.

PRO TIP: Want to make your lead generator look as eye-catching as possible? Use a website like Smart Mockups and include the image to the left of your text boxes!

The Page Description

Page descriptions are often overlooked or misunderstood.

Every page on a website needs a keyword-rich description. This crucial step is very important for SEO!

On the backend of your website, you have approximately 155 characters to explain the purpose of each of your website pages. In turn, this provides web crawlers to answer a user’s search and (hopefully!) pull up your page for the user.

Ready to Craft a Compelling Website?

I understand how daunting the marketing world can be. When I first started my coaching business, describing it and marketing it were monumental tasks!

When I found StoryBrand, I found the perfect messaging framework for coaches and consultants across all industries. Now, as a brand strategist and copywriter, I help small businesses clarify their message so their customers will listen.

At Bright Brand, creating messaging, websites, and funnels is the core of what we do. And we do especially for coaches and consultants.

Get a free website assessment! You can receive a free 5 minute video assessment of your website by requesting it here.

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