Establish your distinct brand in one day.

Supercharge the process of branding your business with your custom VIP Day.

If you’re not clear on your brand, there’s no way your customers will be.

A brand is more than a logo. It’s an aspiration.

What do brands major brands like Coca-Cola, Chevy, and Chanel have that others don’t?

They all contain messages that reach the customer’s heart.

That’s right, a brand is an aspiration that resonates with the customer.

A clear brand identity means your customers will understand what you are saying, they will buy what you are selling, and they will love what your brand is doing for them.

The best part is you can have a brand like that in one day.

You need a clear brand identity.

Remember the last time you did a personality profile? You likely had a great big “I get it” moment.

Brand archetyping is the personality profile for brands.

Archetype simply means “pattern.” Personality psychology asserts that we innately understand patterns of human behavior and character traits.

When a business establishes a human-like brand, customers intuitively “get” the brand. It’s familiar. It makes sense. And they love the brand.

The VIP Day is an original program with original tools I created to supercharge the process of branding your business.

Your VIP Day Experience.

Get the clarity to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Get the power to connect with your ideal customer.

9:00 am – 10:15 am: Your clear customer persona.

The first rule in marketing is to understand your customer. We’ll create your brand customer persona, a tool you can use for years to contextualize all of your marketing activity.

10:30 am – 12:00 pm: Your clear message, a la StoryBrand.

Next, we’ll create the 7 parts of your StoryBrand brand script. We’ll establish the most important messages that cause a customer to engage and buy.

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm: Your brand archetype mix.

Everyone has a personality. So does your business. When you know your dominant and influencing archetypes, you’ll understand how your brand can show up in the marketplace. It will influence how your brand looks and sounds, as well as your marketing strategies.

Here is what you get:

 Your customer persona.
 Your unique brand archetype mix (brand personality).
 Your StoryBranded message, written in your brand tone of voice.
 Brand tagline.
 Brand one-liner.
 Website headline.
 Lead generator concept.
 2 social media posts using your StoryBrand message.
 Recommendations to implement your distinct brand.
Understanding your brand in a clear new way and feeling excited about the future!

“My VIP Day settled a lot of my marketing chaos. Julie captured my story and helped me discover who I am and how I want to do business. Getting a StoryBranded message along with understanding my brand archetype gave me a format to create content that resonates with my ideal customer. My world got simpler and the future looks brighter with these strategies!”

Michael Bunch

Michael Bunch Real Estate

3 ways you can have your VIP day.

Experience the deep dive of a VIP Day, suited to your business.

Zoom with you.

The most convenient and cost-effective way for a brand transformation. We’ll meet by Zoom with you and your business partner if you have one.

Zoom facilitation with your team.

We can accommodate you and your team in a lively Zoom event. Get key players’ input as we dial in your brand.

In-person workshop.

Include your team for an interactive day of establishing your unique brand. We’ll come to you; travel fees apply.

Ready to reach the next level of your success?

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