Reach Your Potential

Coaching for business owners to reach their professional and personal pinnacle.

A Business Goes as Far as the Business Owner's Greatness.

And here’s a hint: your potential is unlimited.

Business ownership is challenging.

Your business is up to you. 100%.

For that reason alone, you need a coach. But there’s more.

  • Setting and executing vision is difficult without guidance. 
  • Making quality decisions on your own is nearly impossible.
  • Identifying when things are off track and course-correcting is tricky.
  • Learning from challenges is crucial to create more wins.

The truth is, business is smoother when you involve others. Decisions are solid. Ideas are refined. Learning is richer.

Your business can go as far as you go. And your potential is unlimited.

Coaching can get your business – and you – to your desired destination.

Crystal-clear, non-fluff coaching.

I understand that every dollar matters in a small business. And I also understand the importance of making an investment in yourself. 

After years in the personal and business growth space, when I saw the Business Made Simple curriculum, I knew it was high quality.

That is why I have harnessed my experience in training and development, my years of coaching entrepreneurs, my successes in marketing for small business, my certifications as an ICF coach, StoryBrand Guide, and Business Made Simple Coach.  

This program + my experience + your eagerness = dynamic coaching.

Because your business can go as far as you go. And your potential is unlimited. 

Coaching, two ways.

Your choice.

Private Coaching

Get 55 minutes to yourself three times a month. Conversations can go deep when you don’t have to share the time with anyone or anything else.

Group Coaching

90 minute coaching sessions in a group of six business owners like you, meeting three times a month. Get the power of a group, guided by a coach.

Whether Private or Group Coaching, sessions are based upon the core components of Business Made Simple.

What is right for you comes down to time, money, and the desire for a group or private coaching experience.

About Business Made Simple

Business Made Simple was created by the genius of Donald Miller and the folks at Business Made Simple. They’ve created a fantastic online learning portal (Business Made Simple University). 

Because the skills that got you to your current state of success are not quite the skills to take your business to the next level. 
Sure, you can simply take the courses on your own. But when you add coaching with training, you get the best “stick factor.”

Consider this: studies show training increases productivity by 22%. When you add coaching with training, productivity increases to 88%. 

That’s some ROI. 





Emotional IQ

Growing to $10M



New classes are rolled out regularly.

How healthy is your business?

  • When marketing is weak, sales has to overcompensate. 
  • When mission is unclear, it’s like operating with a confused mind. 
  • When all the parts of your business are firing, it fuels healthy growth.  

What got you here, won't get you there.

Your business can go as far as you go. And your potential is unlimited. 

Apply today to participate in Bright Brand’s coaching program.

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