Be Your own hero on a mission

A one-day virtual workshop to create a meaningful life plan.

Create Your Life Plan

Make Progress on Your Most Important Projects

Use the Daily Planner that Keeps You Focused

You're ambitious. But still, you feel like you're lacking clear direction.

  • Question what to focus on each day
  • Fail to achieve the goals you set?
  • Struggle with productivity?
  • Know you were meant for more but it eludes you?

It’s usually the most ambitious people who yearn for direction. They want the drive that will take them far in life.

If you feel like your life isn’t going the direction you want, this workshop will fuel the healthy growth you need.

Live Every Day With Purpose

After taking the Hero on a Mission Workshop, you will:

Know what to do despite how you feel.

Make progress every day on your life goals.

Your life will make sense to you and those around you.

Have a daily planner unlike any other!

Your Plan to Create a Life of Meaning:

1. Register for the Virtual Workshop

2. Create a Clear Vision for Your Life and Set the Right Goals

3. Develop a daily routine that reminds you where you're going and helps you prioritize your life.

A Vision Board is good for your brain health!

  • Normalizes totally new actions and behaviors.
  • Makes achievements invigorating, not intimidating.
  • Releases happy neurochemicals, so you feel great pursuing your vision.
  • Builds new neural pathways which can practically create a new you.

Get this thought-provoking guide. Learn to make and use your own vision board. So you can live your ideal life. 

Entrepreneur friend, I understand.

Years ago, I faithfully used a day planner. It grounded my life. Then I went digital – and my career started to drift (coincidence?).

From my soul, I made the decision to guide service providers toward their successful small business. That mission is for the benefit of my future, my family, and for Bright Hope, the nonprofit I will one day launch. I became my own hero on a mission.

Now every day is purposeful and satisfying.

Hero on a Mission is from Donald Miller and the folks at Business Made Simple. When you take this workshop, you get their on-point material, a framework you can live by, a bonus daily planner to increase your productivity, and me.

I will be your guide for this four-hour virtual workshop. Join me.

Let’s create your meaningful life plan.

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